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Christine Pomplun

About me:

I am a passionate Artist / Designer in the field of 2D and 3D, with a love for programming.

My deep passion for digtal art and visualization has led me to study and work in this field for now more than 10 years.

I have studied in Munich (Germany) and New York (USA).  Where I have obtained the bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, and 3D Game Development.

Since 2016 I am employed in Aarhus Denmark at Phiro A/S in a split position as Lead 3D Graphic Designer / Project leader for our team of 3D artists coordinating our services, for one of our key Customers: IKEA.

Tasks accomplished at Phiro A/S

- Interiors, exteriors, and cutouts of products ranging from furniture to appliances and accessories.

- Development of volume templates to display material and assembly variations of full product lines.

- Setting up helper systems to aid scriptbased model import.

- Troubleshooting render- and software related problems for the team at Phiro.

- Supplied selfmade Maxscripts, to help support a better workflow for the artists working on the production. 

I am proud to be able to coordinate our highly motivated team of 3D artists that are booked through the customer IKEA. In close colaboration with several of IKEA's own teams and competences, my daily contacts include art directors, image producers, product picture coordinators, interior designers and much more.

Our team size is varying from 4 to up to 14 artists. Making sure that all deadlines are met, enrolling workflow procedures to the artists, facilitating between IKEA and the team, holding team meetings, and coordinating the ressources are part of my many responsabilities. Additionally I am giving all outgoing images a "last look" before they are delivered to the customer.

- Small VR and AR solutions in Unity / Unreal.

- A webbased VR viewer (written in javascript and jason) for mobile devices (displayng spherical panorama / 360 ° renders).

- Creating project websites for customers to display renders created by Phiro.

- Creation of Phiro's homepage.

- Icons and technical drawings and illustrations for customers such as Grundfos.

Completed tasks in my career:

- 2D: Branding, layout, icon/logo design, theming, UI-design, and more. 

- 3D: Realtime content creation (realtime assets such as models, materials, texturemaps and more).

- 3D: Rendering of still images, animation, general rigging, modeling.

- Coding: Website design/programming, virtual reality, augmented reality.

- Deployment of apps for various platforms such as : iTunes (iOS, OSX), Google Play Store (Android), and Windows applications.

- Project Leading.

Companies I have worked for in the past:

- Mackevision Mediendesign GmbH     [Graphic Designer]

- Neue Media Gesellschaft Ulm            [Graphic Designer]

- Deutsche Telekom AG                         [Responsible for Caller-Identification -Tracking]

- SüddeutscheZeitung                            [Graphic Designer]

- Com Online! Magazin                           [Graphic Designer, Web-Designer]

- Bavaria Film Studios (Sagas)              [3D Artist, Matte Painter]

- Various freelancing                             [See: completed tasks]

- Coocoona Studios                                [3D Artist, 3D Project Lead]

- Phiro A/S                                             [3D Lead Artist, 3D Project Lead]

3D / Video Software 

3D Studio Max, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender, Z-Brush, Mudbox,
Substance Painter, Substance Designer, XNormal, 3DCoat, Keyshot, Marmoset Toolbag, Quixel-Suite, Quixel Megascans, AfterEffects, Nuke, Fusion8, Unity, Unreal Engine.

2D Software

Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Lightroom, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo, Pixplant.

Programming / Scripting

Website, Software (VR/AR, Realtime), and App-Developement (HTML, JavaScript, PHP/ASP, C#, various Mark-Down-Languages) . Development for multiple platforms: Windows, iOS, OSX, Android, Linux. Max-Script (3DStudio Max).  Software: Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Muse, github, and more.





Networker / Communicator

Good at "connecting all the dots"

Loves Tech

I enjoy every aspect of my daily work. It does not matter if it is artistic or very technical. I love challenges of all kinds.