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I am a passionate 3D/2D Artist, Designer, programming generalist, and amateur athlete. My deep passion for digital art and visualization has lead me to study and work in this field.

I have studied in Munich (Germany) and New York (USA). Where i have obtained the bachelor degrees in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, and 3D Game Development.

Amongst others I have worked for the following companies: Coocoona Studios, Bavaria Film Studios (Sagas), Mackevision Mediendesign GmbH, Neue Media Gesellschaft Ulm, Deutsche Telekom AG, SüddeutscheZeitung, Com Online! Magazin, Phiro A/S.

Currently employed as 3D Graphic Designer in Aarhus, Denmark.

Completed tasks in my career reach from traditional 2D graphical design of all kinds (layout, icon/logo design, theming etc), to UI-design, 3D visualization, realtime based developement or content creation (realtime assets like models, materials, texturemaps and more), to 3D visualization (rendering of still images, animation, rigging, modeling), to general programming and developing (website design/programming, virtual reality, augmented reality, game developement), and development / deployment of apps for various platforms (iOS, OSX, iTunes, Windows, GooglePlay, Android).

I am an alrounder by heart, and enjoy every aspect of my daily work. It does not matter if it is artistic or very technical. I love challenges of all kinds.